Thursday, February 17, 2011




Producer: Slaughtered Heart Productions, Lauren Miller, Anne Koester
Director: Travis Campbell
Writer: Lauren Miller
1st Rehearsal: March 2011
Shoot Dates: Late April-Early May 2011
Location: New York City Area

Note: Slaughtered Heart Productions is casting Slaughter Daughter, a micro-budget HD feature heavily influenced by the style of 1970s Italian horror films. Guaranteed international distribution.

Note: All characters mentioned below will be murdered during the course of the film.

Phyllis: LEAD. Late 30s-40s, Caucasian, partial nudity required, lesbian kissing required. A Marilyn Monroe type who loves living extravagantly. She’s loud, boisterous, and the center of the party. She’s also self-centered and can be cold and sarcastic to those closest to her.

Reema: 30s-40s, of Middle-eastern descent, has an Arabic or British accent, lesbian kissing required. The Jackie to Phyllis’ Marilyn. She’s calm, demure, and classy.

David: early 20s, can play Middle-Eastern, full nudity required. He’s a hypochondriac who’s scared of dying. He has problems being confident and asserting his manhood in his female-dominated family.

The Maid: 20s-40s, ethnic, must be able to speak a foreign language. She sees all and hears all in the household. Instead of showing her own personality, she tries to blend into the wallpaper and not be noticed.

Willard: 40-60s, stage fighting required. Willard is an arrogant billionaire CEO who loves and weds Phyllis. He likes to be in charge and is used to getting his own way.

Please submit your headshot, resume and all inquiries to Lo/no pay. Non- Equity/SAG.

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