Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Screen Grabs!

We've been very busy in Slaughter Daughter-land, wrapping up principal photography. Check out some of our hard work!!

Director: Travis Campbell
Writer/Producer: Lauren Miller
Co-Producers: Anne Koester, Nicola Fiore
Executive Producer: Dustin Hubbard

Nicola Fiore as Farrah
Leesa Rowland as Phyllis
Deborah Das as Reema
Mike Connell as Willard
Danny Morales as David
Ruby LaRocca as Apple
Kristen Hung-Tapia as Bong-Cha

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Slaughter On!

Aloha from Slaughter Daughter land!  This is Director Travis Campbell with news on our favorite serial killer daughter, Farrah.  

We have been shooting for 5 weekends now and we have finally hit our stride.  You know I always want to keep a running blog during production to have constant updates but it is so damn hard, but I am going to try and be more diligent!

Nicola Fiore as Farrah, the Slaughter Daughter. 
How could you not love her, ha ha.  
*Photo by Monica Puller


-Actors Ruby Larocca and Danny Morales went above and beyond with their dedication to their characters.  I always love when actors add in their little quirks to make the characters come alive, and Ruby and Danny did just to perfection.  I wish there was a category for Horror's Cutest On-Screen Couple, because they could win it in a heartbeat.

-Ruby ad-libbing some great comedic moments and then being able to switch it up and become intensely frightened.  Dynamic acting!

-Nicola Fiore's "Carrie-esque" look into the camera as one of the characters gets slaughtered!

-The patience of the cast and crew and Monica and Mel as the night wore on.

Ruby Larroca as Apple, what a mischievous look for someone
so bloody!
*Photo Monica Puller

A typical shoot day for Danny Morales, he's only sleeping
kids... or is he.
*Photo by Monica Puller


-Dominos took over an hour and half to deliver 4 pizzas pushing the shoot back and back and back...

-Not testing the special FX before shooting (I put the blame on myself not the FX person).  

-Having Ruby lay on the floor in blood for almost 2 hours while completing another FX shot.  

-Leaving Danny in prosthetic make up for almost 2 hours while filming another death scene.  


All and all it wasn't a bad weekend, as I said before we hit our stride, which is always hard to do on a micro-budget production.   We get better and better each weekend and we have some hard scenes coming up.  Also, Leesa Rowland (from TV's Conviction and Troma's Class of Nuke Em High 2 and 3) has her first scenes coming up and I want everything to go as smooth as possible!  

Until next time, don't forget to bring your daughter to slaughter!  

Travis Campbell
Director of Slaughter Daughter

Check us out 




Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Crew!

Hey gang,
check out our awesome crew!

Director of Photography: Kara Hearn
whose amazing work can be seen at www.karahearn.com

SFX make-up artist: Peter Swords Stevens
After a stint in emergency medicine, Peter Stevens decided horror FX and makeup was a healthier aternative for his blood lust. Since then he has worked on numerous films and music videos in the Maryland/Virginia area. Pete approaches his makeups as a coroner approaches a cadaver.


Set Design: Ali Marx
PA: Michael J

Bios for Ali and Michael coming soon! Follow Michael at http://twitter.com/#!/OHMYHORROR

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for people

Are you a costumer? Hair stylist? Make-up artist? PA?

Email us at slaughtermovie@gmail.com to see how you can get involved!

Mike Connell

After taking 20 years off from acting to raise three great boys, Mike Connell has spent the last two and a half years building a respectable career. Including a one year run as Fr. Damon Fitzgerald in "Flanagan's Wake", he has kept himself busy with two soon to be released internet series, one internet commercial, two features, a couple
of music videos, a whole slew of student and short films, and is under contract to play an FBI agent in an upcoming Russian Mob/FBI television pilot. You can ask him about these projects, but he'd rather tell you where he's going, than where he's been. "I get nervous if i go more than a week or so without a new script in my hand." He's more excited about "Slaughter Daughter" than anything else he's done to date!. "you're gonna LOVE it!"

Danny Morales

A Cali Boy, Danny came to New York in 2007 to attend The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, with big plans. He realized his passion for performing in high school, appearing in various productions like Macbeth. Avidly involved in Theatre, Danny participated in Thespian Conferences, one year going to an audition that awarded him a scholarship to the Conservatory. Along with performing, Danny occasionally works as a freelance Stage Manager. He has worked on several Off-Off Broadway shows like Maddy: A Modern Day Medea and 23 Coins. This will be Danny's first feature film and he is damn excited to be part of it.

Kristen Hung

Kristen Hung is an actress, interpreter and a poet. She was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Before moving to NY, she lived and worked in Antigua, an island in the West Indies for almost 2 years. She was a member of Critical Point Theatre in Taiwan and has performed in Theatre, TV and films. In 2010 she played the lead character "Jessica" in "Peking Roulette" during the Midtown International Theater Festival. Her most recent films including "Living Memory" and "In Transit". 


TIM DAX (Jackson Miles)
Tim Dax is an actor, bodybuilder, tattooed man - forged in New York City and now making his way in Hollywood! Tim has an interest in television, theater, and commercials, but most specifically dreams of making movies.  Tim Dax says: "Acting is an extension of the soul. It is my pleasure." Slaughter Daughter will be his third feature.

Deborah Das

Deborah Das (Reema)
Deborah Das is a Brazilian-born actress who has turned New York City into her personal playground for the last 16 years. After spending 6 years in corporate America, Deborah decided to give her dream a chance and dove headfirst into the entertainment business. She has attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and has worked on GOSSIP GIRL, BLUE BLOODS, INTO YOUR BRAIN, and LAW and ORDER SVU. Deborah is hungry for the opportunity to spend great moments in front of the camera.

Nicola Fiore

Nicola Fiore is a multi-layered woman who commands your attention without fail. Having grown up on a tour bus with musician parents, Nicola soon realized that performing was in her blood. She began modeling at the age of 13 and joined a band at 15 as a bass guitarist. Nicola's love of being in front of the movie camera took hold when she landed roles in two very different independent thrillers, one of which became a festival favorite. She has been sharpening her craft ever since, taking on wildly divergent roles in projects spanning nearly every genre. Her most recent film, MR. BRICKS: A HEAVY METAL MURDER MUSICAL, on which she worked with SLAUGHTER DAUGHTER director Travis Campbell and writer Lauren Miller, will be distributed internationally and has already gotten buzz for its style and her gripping performance as Officer Scarlet Moretti. She has been awarded for her work as Eala in GAME OVER and starred in Zedstar's FLYIN' AWAY music video, which won BEST LOVE SONG at the 2008 MTV European Music Awards. Having been declared a SCREAM QUEEN in the horror industry, Nicola has been interviewed for Maxim Radio at Sirius studios in NYC and been featured in numerous publications including FANGORIA, HORRORHOUND, GOREZONE, SIRENS OF CINEMA and RUE MORGUE.



Check out our amazing cast members:

Farrah: Nicola Fiore
Phyllis: Martha Morgan
Reema: Deborah Das
Willard: Mike Connell
David: Danny Morales
Bong-Cha: Kristen Hung
Jackson Miles: Tim Dax

Read the following posts to learn more about them, and stay tuned for crew bios and spotlights!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HELP US GET TO $1000 by MARCH 31st!

Hey everyone! So as you know we're working to make the NYC streets run red this spring...and without a permit yet! We can use ALLLLL the help we can get. If you can contribute even $1 to our filmmaking endeavors, it's going to go a VERY long way to making our undertaking more possible. We promise anything you can donate will be put to good use, so we're making a push to get to AT LEAST $1000 by MARCH 31. If you want to and/or if you know of ANYONE who wants to take part, send this invite along! The more the merrier....just go HERE:


We're also gonna need extras so if you've ever wanted to be in a slasher film, NOW is the time!!!

Travis, Lauren and Anne

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ah...a Birthday Weekend

Another year, another day, another hour, another minute...
birthdays aren't really THAT fabulous ALL the time...

...maybe when you're little and you think the height of experience is listing material goods out on lined paper, in an order of priority, as if acquisition were happiness. But Farrah could have it all if she wanted it - trust, her mother is a prize-winning gold-digger, so no one is strapped for cash. But what's a new sweater or a new TV when you can't find one single person on this godforsaken earth who understands you? What's icing, if you don't have cake?

NOTHING. That's what.

So she writes, and she writes and she writes. And Jackson Miles responds in his depraved way. And together to two whip up a tarnished recipe of psychopathic proportions. Oh, how sweet it is...

It's Day 45, Day 46, Day 47, Day 48. She'll be coming home soon, and it will be an epic feast.


Tim Dax and Nicola Fiore first worked together on Travis Campbell's and Lauren Miller's film: MR. BRICKS. Now, he's back and he's ready to play serial killer Jackson Miles in the latest Campbell-Miller undertaking!

If you'd like to learn more about this badass, check out his homepage: http://www.timdax.net/

You can also friend him on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/timdax


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Christine Hoberg!

We've found our singer for the pivotal wedding scene in Slaughter Daughter. Her name is Christine Hoberg, and she's a Brooklyn-based singer songwriter. Check her out on Facebook, Myspace Music and Bandcamp!

Thursday, February 17, 2011




Producer: Slaughtered Heart Productions, Lauren Miller, Anne Koester
Director: Travis Campbell
Writer: Lauren Miller
1st Rehearsal: March 2011
Shoot Dates: Late April-Early May 2011
Location: New York City Area

Note: Slaughtered Heart Productions is casting Slaughter Daughter, a micro-budget HD feature heavily influenced by the style of 1970s Italian horror films. Guaranteed international distribution.

Note: All characters mentioned below will be murdered during the course of the film.

Phyllis: LEAD. Late 30s-40s, Caucasian, partial nudity required, lesbian kissing required. A Marilyn Monroe type who loves living extravagantly. She’s loud, boisterous, and the center of the party. She’s also self-centered and can be cold and sarcastic to those closest to her.

Reema: 30s-40s, of Middle-eastern descent, has an Arabic or British accent, lesbian kissing required. The Jackie to Phyllis’ Marilyn. She’s calm, demure, and classy.

David: early 20s, can play Middle-Eastern, full nudity required. He’s a hypochondriac who’s scared of dying. He has problems being confident and asserting his manhood in his female-dominated family.

The Maid: 20s-40s, ethnic, must be able to speak a foreign language. She sees all and hears all in the household. Instead of showing her own personality, she tries to blend into the wallpaper and not be noticed.

Willard: 40-60s, stage fighting required. Willard is an arrogant billionaire CEO who loves and weds Phyllis. He likes to be in charge and is used to getting his own way.

Please submit your headshot, resume and all inquiries to Slaughtermovie@gmail.com. Lo/no pay. Non- Equity/SAG.

In the beginning...

Happy Valentine’s Day week. We hope you all enjoyed your celebration of love, or lust, with boxes of chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners, expensive pre-fabricated cards, proposals, engagements, and a peck on the cheek…or two. How utterly wonderful...for all of you!

Now what about the rest of us?

It’s not always a bed of roses. Sometimes the object of your affection – perhaps the only one who has ever understood you, appreciated you – is shacked up on a cot in a state penitentiary. Your father is dead and rotting. Your cold and calculating mother is too busy with her hot new mistress. Your favored brother is leaving you for a life of his own with some Ivy League harlot.

Farrah is just like the rest of us. She just wants to be loved; to be appreciated. But her story has taken a turn. Farrah would KILL to be adored. And she will…

Prepare for The Slaughter.