Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HELP US GET TO $1000 by MARCH 31st!

Hey everyone! So as you know we're working to make the NYC streets run red this spring...and without a permit yet! We can use ALLLLL the help we can get. If you can contribute even $1 to our filmmaking endeavors, it's going to go a VERY long way to making our undertaking more possible. We promise anything you can donate will be put to good use, so we're making a push to get to AT LEAST $1000 by MARCH 31. If you want to and/or if you know of ANYONE who wants to take part, send this invite along! The more the merrier....just go HERE:


We're also gonna need extras so if you've ever wanted to be in a slasher film, NOW is the time!!!

Travis, Lauren and Anne

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