Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Slaughter On!

Aloha from Slaughter Daughter land!  This is Director Travis Campbell with news on our favorite serial killer daughter, Farrah.  

We have been shooting for 5 weekends now and we have finally hit our stride.  You know I always want to keep a running blog during production to have constant updates but it is so damn hard, but I am going to try and be more diligent!

Nicola Fiore as Farrah, the Slaughter Daughter. 
How could you not love her, ha ha.  
*Photo by Monica Puller


-Actors Ruby Larocca and Danny Morales went above and beyond with their dedication to their characters.  I always love when actors add in their little quirks to make the characters come alive, and Ruby and Danny did just to perfection.  I wish there was a category for Horror's Cutest On-Screen Couple, because they could win it in a heartbeat.

-Ruby ad-libbing some great comedic moments and then being able to switch it up and become intensely frightened.  Dynamic acting!

-Nicola Fiore's "Carrie-esque" look into the camera as one of the characters gets slaughtered!

-The patience of the cast and crew and Monica and Mel as the night wore on.

Ruby Larroca as Apple, what a mischievous look for someone
so bloody!
*Photo Monica Puller

A typical shoot day for Danny Morales, he's only sleeping
kids... or is he.
*Photo by Monica Puller


-Dominos took over an hour and half to deliver 4 pizzas pushing the shoot back and back and back...

-Not testing the special FX before shooting (I put the blame on myself not the FX person).  

-Having Ruby lay on the floor in blood for almost 2 hours while completing another FX shot.  

-Leaving Danny in prosthetic make up for almost 2 hours while filming another death scene.  


All and all it wasn't a bad weekend, as I said before we hit our stride, which is always hard to do on a micro-budget production.   We get better and better each weekend and we have some hard scenes coming up.  Also, Leesa Rowland (from TV's Conviction and Troma's Class of Nuke Em High 2 and 3) has her first scenes coming up and I want everything to go as smooth as possible!  

Until next time, don't forget to bring your daughter to slaughter!  

Travis Campbell
Director of Slaughter Daughter

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